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After a Care Order is made

Contact with a Child in Care

If your child is in foster care under a Care Order or has not yet been adopted under a Placement Order, the Local Authority should continue to give you contact as detailed in their Care Plan.  The Local Authority’s Care Plan could have been changed at the Looked After Child Review but despite this they still have a duty to provide you with “reasonable” contact.  If you do not feel that the Local Authority are doing this we can assist you (in certain circumstances) in applying for a Child Arrangements Order with a child in care.  Means tested legal aid is available for such an application.

Applying to Discharge a Care Order

Although it is very difficult to do so, in very limited circumstances it is possible to apply to Discharge a Care Order and ask that your child is returned to you.  If you feel that your circumstances are substantially different from when the Care Order was made, we can advise you as to whether or not you should consider making this application.

Applying to Revoke a Placement Order

If your child has been made the subject of a Placement Order but has not yet been placed in a potential adoptive placement you can, with the permission of the Court, apply to revoke the Placement Order either to ensure your child remains in long term foster care or with a view to requesting that your child be returned home.  These Orders are rarely made and there is a very high test to meet.  However, if you are considering making such an application we can advise you further.

How we can help

Our experienced team deal with all the above on a day to day basis. We can grant you legal aid if you are eligible for it and in some circumstances it is non means tested. Please call Melanie Stafford on 01733 896 789 for more information.