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Procedure Flowchart

The First Directions Appointment Hearing (FDA)

The District Judge will expect the parties to have prepared and exchanged the following documents by prescribed dates prior to the FDA:-

  • Form Es (a Form E is a detailed financial statement, which must be completed by each party)
  • Statement of Issues
  • Chronology
  • Statement of costs incurred to date
  • Questionnaire in respect of the other party’s Form E

The FDA is a one window opportunity to request disclosure of all relevant information and documents to progress the case towards settlement. If all of the required information has been exchanged, the parties can agree to treat the FDA as a Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing (FDR)

If the matter is not resolved at the FDA, the Court will give directions to tackle the issues in dispute and the case will be listed for an FDR

Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing (FDR)

The aim of the FDR is to facilitate and encourage the parties to use their best endeavours to reach agreement. The parties make submissions to the District Judge who will give an indication to the parties of how they consider the parties’ income, liabilities and assets should be divided between them. If an agreement is not reached the matter will be listed for a Final Hearing with any further directions needed for the Court to decide the matter.

Final Hearing