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Paternity Fraud

In 2009, Roger Terrell was consulted by Richard Rodwell.  He had been married, had two children, Laura and Adam, and subsequently separated from and divorced his wife, Helen.  He saw the children regularly and paid maintenance.

Richard heard rumours and as a result, he began to have doubts about the paternity of Laura.  He therefore had DNA tests carried out which revealed to his shock and horror that despite what he had been led to believe, he was not the biological father of Laura.  He arranged further tests for Adam and again was shocked to find out he was not the biological father and even worse, both of his “children” had different fathers.

We issued proceedings based on the tort of deceit, commonly known as paternity fraud.  The mater came before His Honour Judge Moloney QC at the Cambridge County Court and Richard was awarded £25,000.00 damages, plus costs.

The case attracted substantial media coverage and the case was featured on national television and in the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph and other popular magazines.

As a result of this coverage, Roger Terrell received enquiries from England and as far afield as Australia and the USA from men finding themselves in the same unfortunate situation.

One of the enquiries was from Andrew Phillips.  He was in a relationship with Andrea Pryce.  She became pregnant.  He attended the birth as a proud father of a boy, Jordan, and was named on his birth certificate.  After a while, he separated from the child’s mother, had regular contact and paid maintenance.  When Jordan was twenty one years old, he went to Andrew’s home and showed him the results of a DNA test which showed that Andrea’s previous boyfriend was Jordan’s father and she had misled him all these years.  Proceedings were issued and His Honour Judge Worster sitting at the Birmingham County Court awarded Andrew damages and costs of £19,000.00.

Roger Terrell has a number of ongoing cases and has been described in the media as an expert in paternity fraud cases.

If you have an enquiry relating to the level of damages and repayment of child maintenance, please contact Roger Terrell.