Paternity Fraud

The issues surrounding paternity fraud are both complex and emotional and can have significant legal and social implications. This deception can have serious impact on all parties involved, including the child, father, mother, and the wider family unit.

We are leading experts in paternity fraud and can assist when a man has been wrongly identified as the biological father of a child or children.

Our founder, Roger Terrell has worked on some incredibly complex and high-profile cases in the UK.

Specialist Paternity Fraud Solicitors

Paternity Fraud occurs when a mother intentionally or unintentionally misleads a man in thinking they are the biological father. In order to help you navigate through a  very complex scenarios, we will help you understand your rights in the following situations:

Misattributed paternity
Assisted reproductive technology fraud
Concealment of previous relationships
Rights of the deceived father

Rights of the child
Legal obligations
Legal remedies

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Why Choose Us?

Roger Terrell, who is our leading solicitor in this area has been involved in some very high-profile cases, prominently featured in the media, giving him the reputation of being one of the UK’s leading names in paternity law.

We are fully regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority and Members of Resolution, the UK Family Law Association

Paternity Fraud FAQs

Although accurate statistics are difficult to verify, it is thought that paternity fraud is relatively rare.

However, if you suspect that you might have been a victim of paternity fraud, we are experts in the field of paternity fraud and can advise you in all aspects of paternity law and offer any support you require.

If a man suspects he is a victim of paternity fraud, he can seek legal advice and consider undergoing a paternity test to establish if he is indeed the father.

If he has been financially supporting the child, he may have legal grounds to request a change in financial responsibilities if paternity is disproven. Our founder Roger Terrell is a renowned expert in this field, which means we can offer wide-ranging support and legal advice in the case of paternity fraud.

Paternity fraud can have a huge impact on a family, impacting the father and the mother, and most notably the child or children involved. This can lead to disputes over financial support both past and present and emotional distress too.

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